5 more days

i’m so excited that we’re getting married in just 5 days! it’s bittersweet, though, b/c my family and i are doing the “lasts” of some stuff: the last time i’ll be home again without grant (for a while, at least), last heath-only trip to the lake, last time they’ll help me move without grant, last family cook-out, etc. it’s been really fun spending quality time at home and being with them during this last month of engagement; i would have missed this time later, had i not spent it at home. my fam and i are really really close and they’re all kinda sad that a new hero has stepped into my life–new family, new home, new love, new allegience–but they’re so happy that its grant and they love him so much, the love outweights the longing in their hearts. i am using this time to really saturate in prayer and meditate on the ceremony and what the next chapter of my life will hold. we’ve waited so long for this week, counting down from the 130s, and i’m so glad it’s finally down to only 5 more days.

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