Falling off the earth

it’s been so nice falling off the earth. i’ve been so out of touch for the past month, for several reasons. first and foremost: marriage is a BLAST! it’s a dream everyday. seriously. it’s so worth the wait b/c nothing is better (except children, i hear, but that’s at least a decade or so off). but now back to reality. i’m working two jobs and only getting paid for one of them–the other’s an internship for school (working 8:30-6:30 ea day). i will [FINALLY] graduate in december, but the road will be long and arduous for sure. all that to say time and money are very little at the duggar home so we don’t have cable/ internet. i check it when i can about once a week–hence the blog snobbish behavior or lack thereof and falling off the earth.

back to my favorite: marriage. it’s seriously so much fun. we had the best time at the wedding and then spent most of the honeymoon remembering it and talking about our favorite parts. it was amazing. the trip itself was pretty perfect, too. puerto vallarta, mexico is beautiful and… HAS A RAINFOREST!?! did you know that? we had no clue, but when we found out, we, of course, did a zip-line canopy tour of the rain forest from about 450 feet up. 8 zip lines. 450 ft in the air. repelling down 2 water falls. hiking through the rainforest. and riding mules. did i mention that there were large animals involved? it was great. another day we swam with DOLPHINS! they were beautiful and so smooth and playful like Georgia [ps. if you’re reading this blog and you haven’t met georgia our great dane yet, your life is seriously lacking.]. we got to kiss them and let them pull us around by their fins and push us with their noses. it was an experience like none other. what a blessing.

i am currently job searching for the fall/ spring. i’d love a part-time job just to pull in some income until i graduate in december, and if it could be in the field that would then turn into the full time job i want and need, that would only be better! pray for me, please that i 1) find a job, 2) find a small group [girls only], 3) find a couples bible study, 4) figure out the monetary dilemma of working while commuting back to tuscaloosa for school in the fall.

[in re: to this title, please know that i WANT TO STAY IN TOUCH with my girls, it’s just hard for me right now without the time, money, and internet. but calling or texting is GRRRREAT! i love you all to much to let too much time go by.]

until then, know that i’m enjoying being a newly wed (cooking every night for my love, spending so much time together, washing clothes, watching movies, and pinching pennies–as do most newly weds ;).

like hannah said, we have so little but we have so so much. xoxo

2 thoughts on “Falling off the earth

  1. yah! been waiting for you to blog again! i love hearing about your new life:) so glad you are happy. don’t worry about being out of touch…it sort-of just happens when you are a newleywed. you come back around sometime later during the year 🙂 enjoy it!

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