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Grant and I have found the most incredible small group–we’re so so thankful! Fits the season. Anyway, we all kinda met together for a structured 8 week thing, but we didn’t want to lose the friendships we found so we’re continuing it at our place! Last night was the first real meeting. It was awesome. We’re going through Andy Stanley’s iMarriage. So perfect for us “MWok”s–Married WithOut Kids. Fresh perspective meets local favorite (andy) as five couples sit around and discuss the woes and wonders of marriage. It rocks. quick shout out to chris and jen, josh and amanda, erika and brian, and chris and caitlin! love yall!

Thanksgiving: we’re having 10 people over for Thanksgiving! Yay for family! Rick and Janice, Mama Heath, G-ma, Grant’s fam: Perry, Leigh Ann and their girls Evan and Aubrey (remember, from the wedding 😉 and possibly my uncle merrill. You probably noticed that MY DAD AND BROTHER aren’t listed. I KNOW! Stahler’s football team is like a big deal (like 4th in the state), and they have to practice on Thursday, play on Friday–LAME! So daddy and Stahler man will not be with us on MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY. so so sad. We’ll make it up at Christmas!! I will, however, be cooking for 10 no less. (omg) I’m really really looking forward to it. It’ll still be fun and we have so so much to be thankful for.

School: I only have one more week of driving back and forth PRAISE JESUS! Looking at our finances tonight, we noted that gas will be significantly lower, meals out (since I eat out when I’m gone each week) will be much less, and we’ll have so much more time together! It’ll be like a second honeymoon just to spend all 7 days of a week together in one home–no more couch surfing, though I have enjoyed staying with Mason and Harrison–yall rock. seriously.

I graduate December 13th at 9 am in Tuscaloosa! We’re spending the rest of the weekend at the LAKE with the fam! What a treat! But before all that I have two HUGE papers… dun dun dun. They are 30% and 50% of my grade in two of my three classes… can you believe it…? ughhgghh. Anyway, once I tackle those (then immediately forget them in order to enjoy thanksgiving) I can breathe easy.

Hannah: IS HAVING A BABY!!! still not sure it’s registered with me the magnitude of that statement. wow. And we can’t WAIT to meet little man Nile! If everything works out, hopefully Grant and I will get to make it up to Charlotte before he arrives! But who knows–babies have a mind of their own about being born on time… love you hannah bear.

Job: Please continue to pray for me in this. We kinda really need a second income (more significant than the pt check I get from Bulloch, tho I LOVE what I’m doing there) and I think one may come my way soon. I have an interview December 10th with a headhunting firm. We’re just praying over and over again: YOUR will be done, Lord. I know it will work out in His time and with His provision (it sure would be nice if that happened before Christmas…) xoxoox

That’s about all that’s new with me (total chaos as usual). What’s new with you?

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  1. the apt was so packed for thanksgiving huh? but, it was so much fun. i can’t wait for graduation and then the rest of the weekend at the lake. it should be, as stahler would say, raw.

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