wind of change

This is more a season of change than any other. Ok, well maybe not as much of one as getting married, moving to Atlanta, working two jobs, and doing school, but still. Go with me. I’m graduating Saturday, closing the door on a whole chapter of my life that, oddly, Grant wasn’t really a (physical) part of. (Shout out to Mason, who’s also graduating Saturday–what a rock star.) I’m stepping out into the real world–yuck. Hannah’s having/ has had her baby [i wouldn’t know b/c i can’t see her new blog and that makes my heart very very sad]. Christmas is coming. Jesus is come.

This season of change just brings a lot of newness, uncertainties, expectations, hopes, fears, and a whole lotta waiting around, being patient for everything to work out.

what I want to be prayerful about in the midst of all this change: hannah and aswan’s little miracle, a j.o.b. for me, future and further interviews, Christmas time with the fam (actually we’ll get to see both, but we’ll spend the actual day with mine), Stahler finishing up high school, heidi being far away at Christmas, Coco and Nida working during the holidays, Ashley and Mason tackling a new semester in fla, Zach and Steph being home and together, Maggie starting at UGA and moving into Creswell, little MegaMoo [aka spaghetti] at auburn, Leen and Brandon’s engagement as well as Sara and Andrew’s, Carrie and Andrew as newly weds over the holidays, Laura who recently had a birthday!, mama and daddy preparing for an empty nest, our small group, our finances, our love. And I’ve been a little down and out lately, no big, just feeling a little left out of things. What things? idk. life. I think it’s just the changing of the seasons, but pray for my little heart. All in all things are good and we are thankful. “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Ps 126:3.

ps. “wind of change,” if you didn’t catch that in the title, is the name of a sweet sweet 80’s monster ballad. it rocks. you should check it out if you’re into that.

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