chaos as usual

So, last weekend was crazy.

Grant planned a guys night for Saturday:concert tickets to see Pat Green at Wild Bill’s for ten bucks! (and that included a new cd). awesome.

So I get this call at about 8:00: “Hey, the guys are being lame and inviting girls… so … do you wanna come?” After being sick last week with what felt like the plague, I wasn’t sure, but after quick deliberation I decided to go.

One girl brought another who brought two more and suddenly the 8 guys going to the concert with ten tickets turned into 14 people going… with ten tickets. No one wanted to drive (grant and I were the only ones sober) so what did they decided to do? RENT A STRETCH HUMMER LIMO… who does that??? So, of course we went along! It was fabulous! Several guys pitched in and paid for the whole thing… our friends are ballers. what can we say?

We pull up to the door with lines of people going out and around the building… ridiculous. We almost decided to leave when we heard that it may take another hour in line before getting inside to the show. But then, someone says they know a guy, and we all get out, cut the lines, walk right up to the front and straight in (I think someone slipped the door man some serious cash… anyway). The concert was awesome and the night was random. Pat Green’s new cd rocks. Check it out.

Oh, and ps. One of the guys in this crazy group was Colter Bean. You might know him from the Big Leagues (literally): he was a pitcher for the Yankees. How did he end up in our mix? Who knows? He knows a guy…

We returned home hours later in the limo, still not believing the ridiculousness of the night. I just had to show and tell.

PS: grant and I are going to Charlotte next week and we get to see Hannah!! yay!! Can’t wait

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