big news

So. Drum roll, please…….


I interviewed for the job a few days ago and they offered it to me today! I’m really excited! The office is in the Hurt Building, one of the oldest (and antique chic) in Atlanta. It’s gorgeous. I get free parking and a lot of other great stuff, but it’s a bitter sweet ending to my time at Bulloch Hall. They’ve been like family to me–to us–here. They’ve shown so much love, have mama’d me when I’ve been sick, have bought extra desert for me to take home for grant, basically been the arms and legs, hearts and hands of family for us here in this new place. It’s sad to have to say goodbye–or at least, see you sooner or later–to them. To Bulloch. To my first real job. To the job that spoiled me rotten. To Pam, Gwen, and Janice.


Bittersweet or not, I now have deadlines to meet before my start date: Feb 17th.

I need to buy work clothes (they wear suits all the time… omg 😉 we’re semi looking for a house to rent (so Ga can have a yard) etc, but here’s my schedule between now and then:

1. I’m doing some work and house cleaning and washing clothes and packing tmrw (thurs) and friday am
2. Friday at 2:00pm I’m leaving on a women’s retreat with my new bible study; get back at 6 in time for couples bible study at our apt at 6:30 sunday night
3. Wash and repack because Monday we leave for Charlotte! grant has work and i want to see hannah, aswan, and little man Nile; we’ll be there monday night through wednesday.
4. Thursday is my last hurrah at Bulloch Hall and lunch with my three wise ladies (they’re like family) soooooo sad to be leaving bulloch, but like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives 😉
5. Friday I wash again (are you seeing a pattern) and hopefully buy some work clothes… we’ll see
6. We’ll leave friday after work for the lake (grant has that monday off for presidents day, so it’s a three-day weekend for us! yay!)
7. We get back Monday at a somewhat decent hour because I start my job on Tuesday!!
8. Tuesday morning I get up and head downtown for my new job starting at 9:00 am.

not sure how i’m going to get everything done, but am so so thankful i have a job. the Lord provides. and I love it.

4 thoughts on “big news

  1. Congrats Lucy!! I think the suit definitely pulled it off..ha! Well now that you’re working downtown, I can come meet you for lunch =) See you soon–I’m so happy for you!!

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