Grant had to come to charlotte for business [or “biddness” as Aswan would say 😉 ] and I decided to tag along and meet a certain little man. I say little man because he is no baby, he’s awesome and huge and happy and beautiful–he’s a little man. Anyway, the four of us (plus Ndi) ate sushi Monday night at the coolest place in the sweetest building–the pink building. we had some great convo and some even better sushi and edamame! and hung out till almost midnight!

Tuesday, the boys had to work, so Hannah, Ndi, and I headed uptown to check out the sights and walk around. We got coffee and tea, before stopping in two museums FOR FREE!! check them out here and here. can you believe it??? That was awesome. We also stopped into this precious little chapel for some quite time (and for Hannah to feed little Nile), before heading back to their place–which, btw, is ballin. seriously. awesome house.

Today, I’m having lunch with a lady I met this past weekend on retreat–awesome! And then grant and I are headed back to the city. Our little visit, vaca, (and work, for grant) has been so nice, I just had to write about it.

There will be pictures coming soon, I promise 😉

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