so coco and i headed out 8/3/09.

we wanted to conquer 6 states in 2 days. with no sure destination set for our first and only night away, we started out on the open road and this is where we went and what happened (Christi has posted pics on facebook).

I-75 (400 miles total!)
GA/ TN state line
-UT, Mayberry Sheriff’s car parked on the town square, Woodruff Building Downtown Grille for lunch (freakin awesome!), Mast General Store (amazing): juicer, muscadine wines, jams, jellies, sorghum molasses, camelbaks, carharts, free stickers.
Thrift Church Store (cute!)
stop @ Williamsburg–cutest stop ever! loved the gas station
rock walls on either side of interstate
Jellico, TN (really? that’s the name of your town??)
TN/ KY state line
Hazard, KY
-silos, Smokey Mountains, cows bathing, “Man O War” Blvd, UK: Arboretum (we took a nice long walk through this beautiful garden of flowers and trees and saw a rabbit on the path!… incredible, and yes, people were taking engagement pics just like on North Campus @ UGA), Bluegrass everything, “Turkey Foot Lane,” “Plunkett St,” “Nutter Field House,” ice machine in UK statdium parking lot… wth?, Lucille’s Lounge (yayah), Lucia’s, and “a la Lucie’s” (are you getting the feeling I’m getting???), “Transylvania University” for vamps like Edward Cullen… <333
I-64 (Purple Heart Trail)
ridiculous city names in KY: Salt Lick, Sharkey, Farmers, Wurtland, Greenup
Morehead University
2 Nuclear Plant-looking things… ???? question mark!
KY/ WV state line
state motto: “West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful” (love it)
Beckley, WV
-Gino’s (the awesome pizza place we ate dinner in the Tri State Area: KY, WV, OH)
Econolodge (where we stayed: pet friendly with a little pup @ front desk “Bailey”)
-our friends from NC gospel got ripped off by lying old lady 😉

Crossing the Appalachian Trail (i heart the AT)
WV/ VA state line
Jackson River (we crossed over it 3x on the same road… whattheheck)
-stopped @ scenic view @ mile marker 100: beau-ti-ful
Monticello (aka: “Tommy J’s House”)
Thomas Jefferson loves Lucy the Librarian: “I cannot live without books” -1815
Roanoke, VA (a fave!)
-German Convention Center (awesome and huge), great downtown, St. Andrews Church (pics of this gothic style beauty), Greene Memorial UMC (took pictures in front of the big red doors and loved it)
-Farmer’s Market, Henry’s Memphis BBQ (where we had dinner. yum!), Calvary Hills everywhere
Blue Ridge Mountains
VA/ NC state line
Hickory, NC (chic fil a late night! a milkshake and an ice dream. thank you! “MP”)
Christmas songs
Charlotte (beautiful with night lights! wish we could’ve stopped in but it was late, Hannah!!!)
I-85 (300 miles total!)
NC/ SC state line
Abbott Farms
-peaches, pumpkin patches, corn maizes… we’ll be back for more!
Greenville (drove through the downtown–so similar to Athens–with Mast General’s, Trio, the park, shoppes, Cold Stone, and bars. very very impressive. a fave on the RT)

We got home a little after 2am. back to Atlanta. back to reality. we should’ve called this RT the “College Tour” b/c we saw so many campuses. had an unforgettably great time–one of the best–and def made some funny memories, heard a few awesome pod casts, played fun music (and sang along loudly ;), and had some wonderful convos. love you coco!!

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