2 Years toward Forever

Monday, May 31st will be our two year anniversary! And what a wonderful two years it has been!

I posted last year about my thoughts on life and marriage after one year of wedded bliss and am happy to say it only gets sweeter with time.

How is it that–when our love is an ocean, deep and wide, with no limits in sight–somehow, and only with God’s grace, that ocean just gets deeper and wider?

I don’t understand it but I love the way my heart swells when it does.

Instead of a list, this year I have one thing on my heart for marriage (this one thing, when I’m aware of it in the midst of life, has the potential to shift my perspective and resolve all types of conflict):

And in the end, Jesus will not ask, “Where you right? Where you justified?” but “Did you love?”

One of my favorite Beatles songs (on one of my favorite Beatles albums) begins with:
“And in the end
the Love you take
is equal to the Love
you make”

That makes my heart happy.

I’m (re)reading Love and Respect and have found a couple of catchy quotes that I want to remember:

When love and respect are present in the marriage, husbands and wives process things far more wisely.

Love is not a feeling, it’s a choice, a commitment. The same goes for respect–it’s not earned, but given freely, unconditionally, by choice, in honoring a commitment to your marriage.

I’m so thankful for this fresh perspective on marriage.

Yes, love is intoxicating and more often than not it reveals itself in a feeling.

Yes, love is evident and romance is essential to who we are as husband and wife.

Yes, he still allures me, still pursues me.

Yes, I am his bride.

But it is certainly nice to have a biblical point of reference that is not as fickle as the heart or as fleeting as emotion.

I’m so grateful for Grant, for our marriage, for our covenant together, and for the Rock it’s based on. Here’s to 100 more on earth and an eternity in the hereafter together!

What are your thoughts?

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