the road goes on forever and the party never ends

“the road goes on for ever and the party never ends,” is a line from one of my favorite Robert Earl Keen songs; not, perhaps, a motto by which to structure your life, but certainly a phrase to capture last night!

The boys played golf and the girls just got to hang out (yay!!) then we headed over to Matt and Benji’s to grill out–hotdogs and beer–and to see their new diggs. Benji had just painted the den a lovely shade of navy and we were the first to inspect it: A+.

Then we headed over to Greer stadium to watch the Sounds–Nashville’s minor league team–we were in for a treat! The game was awesome. The announcers had games to play and family-fun activities every inning.

The Sounds won in a bottom-of-the-9th homer hit outta the park!! Which was ridiculous. Then they had one final contest where Cary and Janice were asked a series of questions… that turned into an all out marriage proposal! Which was ridiculous (and amazing). Then we sat for a 20 minute fire-work show that was nothing short of spectacular. Which was ridiculous. Then on our way out, the boys spotted a “stall wall” message in the bathroom that had them laughing all night:

“Badass for hire. Call Whoop Ass Wayne at …………”

Which then turned into a night of “What Would Whoop Ass Wayne do?” and “I wish my name were Wayne because…”

Which was ridiculous.

Then we headed downtown (never made it to Tootsies 😉 but ended up having midnight burgers and seeing a sweet band at Paradise Park. They played a little of everything, which made for a fun night–until a “Soon-to-be-Mrs.Bennet” hit on Grant (grrrr). What is it with Batchelorette parties and Nashville? We saw at least 10–and I’m not even kidding. We stayed and danced then headed home. It was pretty much AWESOME.

Today we’re doing church (a pod cast in the car on the way to the river), canoeing down a nearby river, picnicing on the banks, cooking out again (beer chicken and fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese on top!) and hanging out.

I can’t wait to see what funny stories come next.

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

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