This year, the “anniversary post” has run into 3 (and may run into even 4) posts. Enjoy 😉

So Sunday we got up and headed out to the Harpeth River. [Side Note: we listened to a Matt Chandler podcast on Colossians…AMAZING. He is quickly becoming one of my favorites as he voices what I think no one else in the American church will.] We canoed 14 miles of glorious river–me and Grant, Zach and Steph, Matt and Benji, and 5 other girls in 2 canoes (friends of Keef’s). It was fun to haphazardly join up with one or two other canoes at a time and float down the river together. It was both incredible to imagine exploring the area like a native and yet unfathomable to see to what level the water had risen and to what extent some of the damage still remained due to the floods in Nashville–awe-inspiring and fear-inducing at the same time. pretty awesome.

One of the girls’ canoes flipped at a little rapid at a bend in the river and Grant (my hero) saved them. It was fun to work as a team and help them quickly figure out tipping, draining, and resurfacing the canoe–a little camp counselor came out in me and we almost broke out into song (almost). Alice the Camel. Anyone? Anyone. …Bueller.

Anyway, we both love nature so much and the added bonus of friendship and quality time in such incredible surroundings did wonderful things for our hearts.

After we canoed (and conquered) the river, we headed back to Matt and Benji’s to cook out: chicken and corn on the grill, baked beans and fried green tomatoes (covered with pimento cheese–amazing!) in the oven. Quite a delicious treat. This weekend was as much about food as it was about friendship, as it turns out. We stayed until after 2 then rode back the four of us to Zach and Stephs–this time we did break out in song… well, Steph and I kinda did in a tired state of delirium in an attempt to keep each other up as the boys slept in the back seat… what the heck, I think we sounded great.

Today was another embarrassment of riches in the way of food: pancakes, eggs, sausage, and bacon for breakfast (thanks, Zach!) and home-made wings on the grill with fries and onion rings–ridiculously good. Steph and I saw Sex and the City 2 (that’s a whole ‘nother post, people. very very good.) and the guys watch the Braves. It was almost 5 before we realized that we should probably start to pack things up and head home.

All in all and excellent weekend and certainly a nice celebration of the 2 best years of my life: food, friends (who have become family), and fun. Thank you, God!

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