great news-surgery results

As many of you know, I recently had a quick, no-nonsense “procedure” to remove some melanoma from my chest area.

When we got the first pathology report back–from a sample scrape in a dermatologist’s office in Huntsville–the diagnosis was “a mild case of pre-cancerous melanoma” meaning that there were melanoma cells and that it was “medically necessary” to remove them before they turned cancerous and spread into full-blown skin cancer.

I had a plastic surgeon at Emory remove the “atypical nevus” in her office and then got the stitches out and path report back on Friday.


All the boarders of the removed biopsy were clear–meaning no melanoma cells present or spread–AND, there were NO MELANOMA CELLS AT ALL in the removed section!!!

This is great news because 1) I’m in the clear (was never worried about that part), and 2) we specifically prayed for complete healing and that (if surgery was necessary, which turned out, it was) the surgery would only prove that God had completely healed it from the inside out–which the results did!!

Grant and I have marveled at the list of things God has done for us this past year. And if He never blessed us again, still we would say, “blessed be the Name of the Lord!” but it sure is fun watching Him do what only He can do. Amen!

ps. my scar is healing beautifully!

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