I am embarrassed about this post…

… for several reasons.

1. I have a new favorite movie…King Kong.
[I can hear you laughing at me, you know]
But it really is a ridiculously good film with a stellar cast–Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, and Colin Hanks to name a few.

2. I now have a celebrity crush on Adrien Brody [I figure it’s time to give Ryan Reynolds a break]. This is painfully embarrassing for me because I had (previous to seeing him in this film) thought of him as awkward, looking either…

always on the brink of tears…

or always on the brink of insanity–per his character in The Villiage…

or slightly anemic…

but in light of this pic and his performance in King Kong, I confess to have been completely wrong in my judgment of Adrien.

The secret is this: he is un-freakin-believably talented as an actor in motion… his still shot pics can be misleading–well some of them.

3. i love watching movies in the Cardio Theater Room at the gym–which is how I happened upon Adrien today and my whole opinion of him shifted in an instant.

4. The way that he kisses Naomi Watts in a scene in King Kong makes me blush. How embarrassing is this: here I am, going to town on the elliptical–nothing new here–and all of the sudden the movie gets serious, even ominous, and I blush at a kiss and am forced to avert my eyes!

NOTE: For those of you who’ve spent any amount of time in Europe/ around European men, you’ll know what I’m talking about–the rest of you: book a trip to Europe immediately.

Adrien has this very European way–looking at her, holding her gaze, pausing, tentatively, and then taking her–of both longing for her and yet passionately having her at the same time… and this is just a kiss, people. No love scene. Nothing scandalous. But the intensity of it, the simultaneous reverence and fearlessness, his awe and acknowledgement of her femininity and yet his unreserved and bold masculinity–well, it’s overwhelming… in a good way! And in that moment, there’s this undeniable sense that thing will never be the same again. (whatta kiss!)

To be able to communicate all that in a very simple expression for a few seconds on a screen… well, it made me blush.

Now where the heck is my husband… I need to get my arms around him immediately. 😉

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