Our dearly beloved… let’s call him Penji… has left his wallet at Ryan’s house.

Ok, so he’ll have to get back to Ryan’s to get his wallet…

…but Ryan is in Athens for the day… Maybe Keef will be there around 5:00 to let him in.

Ok, so Penji can wait, then get in his car and drive down to meet Keef at Ryan’s to get his wallet.

…but Penji left the keys to his car in Brody’s truck…

…and Brody left Atlanta and is now in Athens…

…so Penji picks up his phone to call his girlfriend in Athens to get his keys from Brody and bring them to him in Atlanta…

…but his phone’s dying dying dead… Where’s his phone charger? in his car–right outside–without keys he can only look at it…

…so he calls his girlfriend, gets her vm and then he checks twitter: she’s getting her hair cut… no response….

…so maybe if his girlfriend calls my phone after her hair cut but before Grant and I leave, Penji will get her to get his keys from Brody and we can take him to get his wallet with Keef from Ryan’s house and she can bring him back to get his car at our house… and then they can go to Athens.

This does not happen to normal people… except our friend Benji (oops, told on you πŸ˜‰ who swears that he “is a grown up some of the time”

We love our Benji and will take him even if he’s a mess πŸ˜‰

ps. Benj: this was too funny not to share. we love you very very much and hope you can stay with us as long as you want/ need to. I mentioned that you could just use our spare key… Grant said you might lose it….

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