Happy New Year!

I don’t know why this year feels any different from any previous year, but it does–somehow new and fresh and with more hope or promise than usual. Perhaps I’m just paying attention, or I’m just hyper-aware of the passing of time… who knows. But 2011 is going to be exceptionally great. I just know it.

A quick recap of 2010

Alabama won the National Championship. RTR.

We had a very nice Valentine’s Day and enjoyed some snow! Our friends the Taylors welcomed twins on 2/2/2010!! And Mary Catherine and Syman welcomed Laney, as well! All 3 precious and perfect.

Stahler turned 20 and we made several trips down to t-town to hangout and play.

Easter came early and we celebrated on Mama’s birthday 4/4/10 and we unexpectedly resigned our lease to remain in Atlanta for another year–a hard but good decision. Spend some quality time with Drew and Allison before their move.

My quarter-life crisis passed wonderfully at the lake with friends! Perfection. We spent our 2nd anniversary with Zach and Steph in Clarkesville. Awesome. I got a new job and things started looking up. We began to think about buying a house and planning our trip to Italy with the Nalleys. Took a quick family beach trip with the Heaths.

Family beach trip with the Duggars to Hilton Head. My parents celebrated 33 years of marriage! Grant’s boss got transferred back to Chicago–we miss them dearly!–and Grant took on much more responsibility at work. We started going to Grace Midtown and love it.

We spent the fourth of July at the lake with fam and bemoaned our day-jobs, and wished longingly for college days when we had entire months to spend lounging pool-side, lake-side, or beach-side.

We both had crazy-busy months at work and Frank and Cara got married and moved into our apt complex!! What fun!

We enjoyed 10 wonderful days in Italy–Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Venice. Unforgettably romantic and perfectly memorable. Couldn’t have enjoyed it more. What an experience. We met and welcomed Evan into our home–quite an adventure, too. Maggie got accepted into her study abroad at UGA!! And Kimsey’s welcomed twins Miller and Charlie into the world–too cute. [This is the year of twins. We know 6 friends who’ve had twins this year!]

The Bossman at work treated NGM to free tickets to Catalyst. We got to hear 10 of the most influential speakers in the Church in America. Absolutely incredible. I think that Francis Chan’s, Beth Moore’s, and Craig Groschelle’s talks literally changed things forever and will be referenced in the future as a turning point in 2010. Amazing. Alice got accepted to her study abroad in Limerick, Ireland and we began to plan a trip in May 2011!

Grant had a birthday around which the entire family rallied and bought him his first shotgun–awesome–and we spent Thanksgiving with Evan in Augusta. Much family time. Much fun.

Grant and I are unbelievably thankful as we look back over the past year. What an amazing journey it has been. We spent Christmas with Evan in Huntsville, where we got to see Mary Catherine and Syman before heading off to the lake. We got sick [yuck!], went to the doctor, but it didn’t dampen our spirits as we played games and hungout at the lake with MA and fam. We ended up staying in Hsv for New Years and are still here watching football, eating pizza and wings, and slowly recouping.

What a year it has been and what a promising year we have before us! Looking forward to many new beginnings, new trips, new adventures, and seeing new pieces of the globe. I pray that God’s glory is revealed more and more and more! 2011, here we come!

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