UK in May

So…!! We’re headed to Ireland, Scotland, and England in May! It’s official. We bought our tickets yesterday: May 18-30. My cousin Alice will be studying abroad in Limerick, Ireland starting… well, any day now! and so her parents, my parents, Stahler, me and Grant will be joining her for a few days before Grant and I strike out on our own. We’ve found a couple day-trips in Scotland and hope to see Glasgow, Loch Ness, Glencoe, Inverness, Stirling, and the Highlands. Grant wants to see St. Andrews Old Course and if we can make it to Edinboro even better! In England we hope to see friends in London and Oxford and take a day trip to Windsor, Bath, and Stonehenge. We’re pretty excited! We got a bunch of travel books for Christmas, so we spend nights pouring over the pictures and maps figuring out what we want to do–pretty crazy nights, huh? We enjoy it. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as we plan the trip!

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