So… it’s 1.1.11, which is fun in and of itself! but we have also enjoyed two days of SNOW and non-work this week, which is awesome! So far: 2011 rocks.

We spent the first snow day sleeping in and playing in the snow with Frank and Cara and two new apartment friends, Drew and Lauren. Then we ate, then we napped–serious nappage… like, college style. It was amazing and much needed. Then watched movies and caught up on good books and quality time. Evan’s friend Ryan got stranded and spent the night with us, which was like a huge slumber party. Very fun. And of course, we watched the national championship with all of the above at Drew and Lauren’s. I will not talk about that here, except to mention that Alabama has 13. Moving on.

Today we slept even later (11am, I love you), walked to North River Tavern–which we were delighted to discover has huge wings and overall amazing food. Totally going back. We left so full of food and fellowship (and interaction with civilization after 24 hours of cabin fever) we felt almost tipsy and braved the elements again for the trek home. We have LOVED netflix all afternoon and after pizza for dinner, will probably watch a movie and go to bed early. My goodness, 2011 is off to an excellent start!

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