I was really dreading coming in today because I was afraid it would disturb the immensely wonderful daydream-like quality of having snow everywhere and might put a damper on enjoying the snow. It’s been quite the opposite! Coming in, braving the roads, falling into the work routine (breakfast, coffee, email, music, spreadsheets) has actually been really therapeutic–what is happening to me?? I love being alone. I love being in our apartment. I love staying in, cuddling up with blankets, watching movies and napping the day away. But it has been a nice change of pace to get dressed, come in, and have a bit of space of my own. A little solitude away from the solitude of home (if that makes sense). And using my brain again (other than in board games, books, and sudoku).

This snow has also brought with it some perspective. People seem to bond together in the midst of a (weather) “crisis”. There must be some connection we can make between the camaraderie and unwarranted neighborly love that we’ve all experienced over the past few days. Is it that sometimes God allows (or even brings about) hard or difficult circumstances so that we can reach out (outside of ourselves and our often self-centered world) to human connection? Could it be that God notices the friendships (albeit some short-lived) and finds solace in the fellowship that can happen when His kids gather together–whatever the reason–and He thinks, this is good. I wonder…

We’ve met more people, helped more neighbors, walked through more doors, spent more time outside, and have interacted warmly more with strangers over the snowpocalypse than we have since we moved in… A bit of perspective while at work and play in the snow. I am so grateful that God provides us every opportunity to see more of Him in every circumstance here on earth.

What are your thoughts?

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