Moses and Joshua

We know pretty well the story of God parting the Red Sea to save Moses and the Israelites from impending death as they escape from slavery in Egypt (Exodus 14:13-31).

Some take aways from this miracle:

  • It took the faith of one man: Moses
  • It took space – the people stood back and watched from a distance
  • It took time – “the wind blew all that night” (v. 21)

The story we hear less about is the second time God parts the waters for the salvation of His people Israel (Joshua 3). When God moves He rarely never does the same thing twice; so, even though these two stories are similar, there are striking differences.

  • This took the faith of the leader, Joshua, the 12 leaders of the 12 tribes and the levitical preists
  • This was a much more close encounter: the people had to leave their camp and come to the water’s edge and the priests had to get their feet wet (v.14, 8)
  • This was immediate – “as soon as the feet of the priests touched the water… [it] backed up a great distance…” (v.15-16)

What can we learn from this? God is faithful; He will move on our behalf and to His great glory; earlier in our walk He may show up in huge ways that require very little on our part; as we mature and walk deeper into sanctification He may ask more on our part – more faith, more commitment – we may have to get our feet wet before we even see a hint of the miracle to come, but He is able and powerful to move and He will make a way where there was no way before (Psalm 77:19b).

In case you’re wondering,
What’s His motivation…? I mean, other than the fact that miracles bring glory to His name, why would He move on my behalf?

The answer is simple:
“He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me.” (Psalm 18:19)

What are your thoughts?

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