Grant and I have had so much fun over the past few days.

Thursday we headed to 5 Paces to support a charity event benefitting the Susan G. Komen search for the cure. A few of our friends – Kellan,Rob, and another guy – played and sang everything from Jack and Diane to Rihanna and Bribed. It was immensely entertaining and the singing wasn’t bad either.

Friday night we set my friend Coco up with one of my boss’s friends, Matt. The six of us went to dinner in the Highlands at Surin of Thailand first around eight. It was really good and the portions were so big we each had a little of everyone else’s. Very tasty. Around ten we made our way to Dark Horse Tavern for a few low key drinks only to discover that in the basement they had live rock band karaoke. This was not the game, but a real live rockin’ band and when you sing you are the lead singer. To say it was amazing would be an understatement. We. Were. Rockstars. Shannah sang “Welcome to the Jungle,” Matt sang “Bohemean Rhapsody,” I sang “Anyway You Want It,” and Coco sang “Living on a Prayer.” All were crowd pleasers. We’re trying to immediately set up when we’re going back.

Saturday, Coco and I met up with Leen in Piedmont park. We ran into the Altmixes in the dog park where Georgia and Stella got some play time and headed over to Park Tavern for a leisurely late lunch in the sun. Phenom.

Saturday night we went to dinner with Brian and Kendra at Noche in the Highlands. It was really good. They serve tapas, so again we got to taste a little bit of everything and it was mmm mmm good.

This morning we’re going to Grace Midtown and after the past few days, I’m seriously questioning why we don’t just move yo Midtown. Well, out lease is up in April, so maybe we’ll see!

What have you been up to lately?

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