Our Story: London, Part 2

God is faithful.

Basically, from September 2010 through January 2011, there was something every single month that we prayerfully considered and took into account for preparing to move to London.

Then we read this:
Just know that when God opens up doors for you to step out and be brave, He takes you, moves you, pushes you, changes you, and loves you.
Do it.
When you get the chance, do it.
If you want the chance, ask for it.

So we continued to seriously ask for it. And in prayer, we hear this from the Lord (ref. Psalm 37:4):

What is the desire of your heart? Decide on that desire. Figure it out. I will give it to you and I will receive My glory in its fullness.

Just after Valentine’s Day, a word came to us from Joshua 3 – specifically for me and Grant, right now, in our story. We realize that this is not a message for everyone to live by, but is hand picked to reveal something new to us intentionally. There are several main points that surface and come together in my mind, but “leave their tents” and “get their feet wet” were two of the big ones for me and Grant. I apply online that night. Grant applies in March.

Things start to solidify for us.

“And your many hopes
and your many fears
were meant to bring you here
all along…”

One thought on “Our Story: London, Part 2

  1. Just read this and found out about your London adventure. Can't wait to read more about it!!! Blessings as you prepare, plan and travel.

    Love from Athens…


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