This is an excerpt from a message I just wrote. It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted… Sorry! This is my last week working (sad!) and at home we’ve been up to our eye-balls in paper work, preparing for our move. But I thought I’d post this little excerpt so that you at least have a snippet of my life this week.

“My women’s group just recently read For Women Only and discussed the implications in the book and what shocked me most was not the content, but the fact that I had read it before and yet had FORGOTTEN SO MUCH OF IT! I was rereading it thinking,

“OH YEAH! I should do that! How did I forget about that one??!”

So I’m trying to be more mindful of him and his needs and being sweet and expecting the best of him and respecting him and choosing not to argue. My goodness. The world would be a better place if I could be more agreeable 😉

Well, you know how that goes: I treat him better so he treats me better. So we’re currently circling cloud 9! Things are great and I feel like we’re right where we need to be with each other before this big move. So despite the hectic nature of VISAs etc, I feel calm and grounded.

God is so good to us.”

2 thoughts on “{excerpt}

  1. You're right… the UK is not ready for this wave of awesomeness. If only we had a friend in Dublin to make it a full-on 3 country take over… I bet we can find someone 😉


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