I feel I must be honest with you about this whole moving thing in case any of you attempt this same venture.

First and foremost, I know that this is – without a doubt – exactly what we should be doing exactly when we should be doing it.

But this is how it feels: It feels overwhelming. It feels like much too much. It feels like I have been running a marathon since January and can’t catch my breath. On monday, I had a list of things to do so long that when Grant (in an attempt to soothe me) offered to just go see a movie, the thought was immediately rejected by my brain. I couldn’t do one more thing. Not even a movie.

It is great to be doing this together – with Grant.

It is nice to know that this is not forever – it is a one time thing with a beginning and an end.

It would be impossible without prayer.

It has made me undeniably dependent on the Lord.

It has humbled me in ways I never could’ve imagined.

It has already made me better.

What are your thoughts?

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