weekend fun

this weekend was packed with friends, family, parties, and quality time. it was awesome. friday night grant and i went to crescendo auction, which was really fun, and met up with ashley and mason for dinner and auctioning. i think we might’ve actually almosted bidded on several items, but out waves went luckily unnoticed! the saturday am (very early am, btw) grant, mama, grandmama, and i headed to athens, alabama for a tea that gma’s 157-year-old friends had for me and grant. it was sweet. seriously. old women plus one handsome man plus presents equals fun. it was hilarious. we left that party only to return to a full house in huntsville. a college bff of my mama’s drove all the way from fairhope to meet grant and go to the mother-daughter lingerie shower some friends hosted for us in huntsville. she stayed and played until party time at 7.00. while mama and i were sharing stories and hearing advice–while i got some sweet unmentionables–grant and mason had a play date at bridgestreet, which is awesome, btw, if you haven’t yet gone. the party lasted until 10.30, which was delightful. then grant and i got to hang out and goof off. sunday began with company at 9.00am, a huge breakfast, and a quick siesta before we 4 (grant, me, mama, and daddy) went to the 2.00 matinee performance of hhs’ Les Miserables. stahler’s in it. it was AWESOME. i can’t even begin to describe it, but rest assured, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and the talent and stage set were so incredible i often forgot it was a high school performance. if you can make it to a show, GO! wow. then we ate lunch at one of grant’s fave restaurants in huntsville, and headed back home. grant and i got to chill out one last time before he drove back atl today–i stayed and am driving back tmrw am for class. it was a hectic weekend. and most hectic weekends = no sleep and no quality time. but this weekend was different. it was exactly what we needed. God is so good to give us what we need when we need it. grant is moving into OUR appartment tmrw! he’ll be all moved in before thursday, which marks the beginning of his bachelor weekend with the boys in st. simons and my bachelorette weekend with the girls!! we both can’t wait! we are so blessed with the coolest friends! as for school and work, i’m hoping to hear back from some places i applied to last week and hope to set up interviews for the first week in may. and school: my last hell week is this one. by thursday when i’m with my faves nothing school-related will matter, b/c that will all be said and done, praise the Lord. tho the weekend was fun, i’m so tired, so i’m out. but i’ll try to write more consistantly in the future. ciao.

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