Fertility Series: Part 5

{We’re in the middle of a series on fertility. You can read Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, and a quick post on Mother’s Day – or read the whole series here.}

There are two main reasons I’m writing this series, which is so very personal and tender to my heart:                                1. For me: I’m doing this for posterity’s sake more than anything, so bear with me.                                                                    2. For you: I want to share our story with others.

Timeline Recap

Thanksgiving 2009: dream – let’s have kids!
2010: a great but hard year
2011: Grant and Lucy move to London
Autumn 2011: Lucy suffers appendicitis, a botched appendectomy, and MRSA staff infection
2012: a year of travel and healing (Psalm 65:11)

Autumn 2012
We finished up school, said farewell to friends, and moved back to the good old US of A. We had missed America very much and, despite loving most of what living abroad has to offer, we were very glad to be coming home.

Thanksgiving 2012
This marked three years of trying to conceive. We were hopeful for the future, and being back in the States and with jobs and great healthcare, we were ready to seek out specialists and begin looking into fertility treatment options.

January 2013
At ACRM (Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine) they explained that, although endometriosis had been an fertility concern in the past, the latest factor would be the extensive damage caused by the botched appendectomy and resulting care in London. The infection ruined one fallopian tube completely and that the resulting scar tissue left me with a less than 10% chance of ever getting pregnant naturally – in fact, we were told IVF was our only option.
         P1030122     P1020374 - Version 2      P1010844

I was devastated. 

I felt that I didn’t have enough of me left over from it all – London and moving back – to move forward. So I put it from my mind and went on with life.

{I have healed in so many ways since then. I have come to love our London all over again for all its grit and glory – the hard yet beautiful place that it holds in our hearts.}

    IMG_0436   IMG_8730   IMG_0218Beautifully, life went on. We bought a car, a house, started a business, traveled. It was a time of rest and growth, fairly uneventful – but God can still surprise us!

October 2013
On a Sunday afternoon, we received a phone call: Would we consider adopting a child to be born in January 2014? Long story short, Grant and I prayed, sought the wise counsel of others, and decided to meet the birth mother.
The whole time we were praying about three main things:
for the health and wellness of the mother.
for the health and wellness of the baby. 
for the love and open acceptance of the family who will adopt.
Ultimately, the birth mother chose another family. 
We were sad, of course. But truly wanted the birth mother to be better for this experience – that it would leave her more whole and less broken, that there would be healing all around.
        IMG_5561      IMG_1424      P1010534
Thanksgiving 2013 marked 4 long, beautiful, heart-breaking, healing, chaotic, cherished years. 
It has been quite a journey. And it is far from over! But we are better for it. We have lived so much life together, we’ve prayed about things we probably never would have otherwise, and have learned to depend on the Lord in such a deep and holy communion.
   IMG_0249    IMG_4300   IMG_0001
I wouldn’t trade our story for anything.

I want to be able to worship and praise and give thanks in the midst of a struggle, not just afterward. That’s why I’m writing about the longest, most personal hardship I’ve ever experienced, from disappointment, to near-death, to doubt, to surrender, to understanding, to absolute joy.

One final thought tomorrow to finish up this fertility series with Part 6.

10 thoughts on “Fertility Series: Part 5

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  2. Thank you for sharing your precious story Lucy. Your faith is contagious and your ability to look at what you do have as opposed to what you don’t is a beautiful testimony to our Glorious Heavenly Father and the peace and joy that He promises His children. xoxo

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  10. It’s always fun to see Michael messing around on other blogs… Saying things you could never have thought of yourself.Guess every genius is slightly notadnderstanu-ble.

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